RL19 rectangular planter 19.25″x13.25″ x 12″ tall 65 lb (30kg)
RL31 rectangular planter 31.25″x13.25″ x 12″ tall 130 lb (59kg)
RL37 rectangular planter 37.5″x13.5″ x 12″ tall 150 lb (68kg)
RL49 rectangular planter 49.5″x13.5″ x 12″ tall 160 lb (73kg)
RL37/19 rectangular planter 37.5″x19.5″ x 16″ tall 300 lb (136kg)
RL48/24 rectangular planter 48″x24″ x 26″ tall 850 lb (386kg)
RL72/24 rectangular planter 72″x24″ x 26″ tall 1600 lb (727kg)

Available finishes


Sanderson Concrete manufactures over 50 standard shapes and sizes of precast concrete planters in a number of finishes, including exposed aggregate, smooth concrete and light sandblast. We also specialize in custom precast concrete and produce numerous custom designs every year for our architectural and commercial clients.
Producing thousands of planters annually, Sanderson Concrete Inc. is Canada’s largest producer of precast concrete planters.

Our rectangular planters look great in smooth, sandblast and coloured concrete