Wall systems

Modular precast concrete wall systems allow architects and contractors the flexibility to create planting areas in public spaces such as rooftop gardens and decks.

Cast in place walls and retaining wall blocks are sometimes not practical or asthetically pleasing, and many architects and designers have turned to Sanderson Concrete with their designs.

Our expertise in custom and architectural precast concrete ensures that the designer’s vision is brought to reality with equal thought to practicality, installation and budget.

Details to bear in mind when designing planter walls include:
• Roof membranes
• Is a liner required?
• Watering systems – cast in fixtures and piping
• Lighting – cast in electrical conduit and outlets
• Installation – is equipment required? available?
• Interlocking panels or hardware?
• Weight – concrete & wet soil weigh about the same – 155 lbs/cubic foot
• Surface finish, texture and colour

Sanderson Concrete has produced a number of wall systems for roofs and other public areas. Mounting hardware, cast in ferrules for bolting sections together or the addition of seating, light fixtures or water features are all within our experience.

Please contact us with your questions or designs for a quotation at 604-580-4108 or info@sandersonconcrete.com

Sanderson Concrete manufactures over 50 standard shapes and sizes of precast concrete planters in a number of finishes, including exposed aggregate, smooth concrete and light sandblast. We also specialize in custom precast concrete and produce numerous custom designs every year for our architectural and commercial clients.
Producing thousands of planters annually, Sanderson Concrete Inc. is Canada’s largest producer of precast concrete planters.