Precast Concrete Parking Curbs & Concrete Wheel Stops

Concrete parking curbs are not just a fantastic means of better organizing your parking lot, but they further prevent damage to buildings and other vehicles. Curbs, also known as wheel stops, parking chocks, curb stops and bumper blocks, of precast concrete feature longevity, superior stability and strength to withstand vehicular traffic wheel impacts, including light vehicles, snowplows and parking lot sweeping equipment. Did I mention that our high-profile curbs make award-winning bike lane dividers?

Concrete curbs are reinforced with rebar and designed to withstand repetitive impact from moving vehicles regularly. Furthermore, it’s not merely cars that can impact curb stops. Weather can damage concrete parking blocks too, so concrete parking lot stops are created to withstand the elements.

As noted above, parking blocks won’t twist or warp over time, and they pin securely into position for the long-term stability and organization you want for your lot. Even if the parking curb cracks, they won’t fall apart.

Along with durability, precast concrete parking bumpers are constructed to maximize safety. As a precast concrete product, each parking stop block is moulded to alleviate impact pressure on the block’s anchor pins. The sloped design also protects tires from tears, punctures and dents to the front end of low profile vehicles.

Are you aware that precast (wet cast) curbs can be painted in cautionary colours such as yellow? While it’s challenging to paint dry cast curbs due to their rough texture. See below.

By installing precast concrete parking stops in your lot, you can protect pedestrians and surrounding infrastructure from traffic and rolling vehicles. Whether your lot is near a shopping outlet, school or sidewalk, concrete parking blocks will help direct traffic flow. Parking stop blocks can also help guard any parking lot signage, poles, carts and other parked cars from damage.