Prestressed concrete stair treads, sills and lintels

Economically a more convenient option

Prestressed concrete is a form of concrete utilized in construction, which is “prestressed” by placing it under compression prior to bearing any loads beyond its dead weight. This compression is generated by the tensioning of high-strength “tendons” found within or adjacent to the concrete volume and enhances the concrete’s performance. 

Tendons can consist of single wires, threaded bars or multi-wire strands, and high tensile stress, including carbon fibre. The nature of prestressed concrete is that once the initial compression is applied, the resulting material has high-strength concrete properties when subjected to any subsequent compression forces and tensile high-strength steel when subjected to tension forces. 

The result of the bond (or adhesion) achievable within the freshly set concrete and the tendons’ surface is critical to the pre-tensioning process. It also determines when the tendon anchorages can be safely released. Greater bond strength in early-age concrete will advance production and enable a more economical fabrication. This can result in improved structural measures and resemblance of conventional reinforced concrete.

Principal advantages of prestressing concrete:

STRUCTURAL STRENGTH                                                                                     The use of the prestressed technique in concrete gives it greater strength by providing an internal compression force that counteracts the stress force produced by the structural components loads.

DURABILITY OF THE CONSTRUCTION                                                            The possibility of steel corrosion and subsequent concrete deterioration is reduced because concrete is crack free.

SAVING                                                                                                                          The use of the prestressed concrete allows for large spans in construction due to the length of the pieces while providing savings in material and greater lightness. 

DESIGN                                                                                                                          Prestressed concrete pieces give more efficient and beautiful architectural elements while providing infinite possibilities in construction.

LARGE PRODUCTIONS                                                                                            Greater quality control, cost reduction and high production provide a solution to large architectural projects.

SPEED IN CONSTRUCTION                                                                                Prestressed concrete allows for quicker construction by simultaneously attacking various fronts or building different parts of the structure.

Although prestressed concrete is used in a broad range of buildings and civil structures, Sanderson Concrete manufactures stair treads of various sizes and custom options, including architectural precast such as sill and lintels. We provide a wide range of designs, colours, and structural options that offer buyers a convenient option.