Social Distancing Barriers For Rent In British Columbia

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BC’s Oldest Producer of Precast Concrete Planters for Patios and Entries

Sanderson Concrete has been making precast concrete planters for restaurants, stores and businesses throughout British Columbia for decades. With the COVID-19 pandemic slowing our economy to a standstill, we wanted to help and knew our planters would make an attractive physical distancing barrier for sidewalks, and business storefronts. We supply dozens of restaurants every year with planters for patios and entryways, but not every business wants to buy planters for what we all hope is a temporary problem. So why not RENT CONCRETE PLANTERS? Which led to question – How can we make a lot of CONCRETE PLANTERS FOR RENTAL quickly keeping the costs as low as possible? Read further to find out information about NEW! Architectural Precast Concrete Planters as Physical Distancing Barriers Available for Rent – Let’s Open Our Economy!

Barrier Planters Are Needed Quickly, Affordably and can be Temporary

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BOLT TOGETHER Planters Solve All of This & Can Be Rented or Purchased

We have produced thousands of planters over the years, – and a number of these planters have been BOLT-TOGETHER-PLANTER WALLS with the bases cast between the walls. These planters range from simple 4 sided boxes to complex decorative planters that assembled like jigsaw puzzles. Some of these planters are art pieces!

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Making Concrete Planters From Slabs Allows for Mass Production

By producing our precast concrete planters as slabs, we cast the sides face down, so the planter sides are smooth, form finished concrete. This also allows for fast turn around on the forms, – allowing to ramp up production to produce dozens of planters a day. Casting the sides as slabs uses less labour costs and allows us to produce significantly higher volumes at a lower cost. We can pass these savings along by RENTING THE PLANTERS out.

Sanderson Concrete’s Planters Are Everywhere!

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Our precast concrete planters have been used for DECORATIVE BARRIERS in virtually every city in British Columbia and many more throughout North America. From sidewalk Cafes in Vancouver, to the INS Building in Washington, DC. From Kelowna and Vernon, to Whistler and New York City, precast Concrete planters are a functional means of creating safe spaces. By providing PRECAST CONCRETE PLANTERS AS RENTALS for DECORATIVE BARRIERS for social distancing, we believe we can help business owners increase their footprint temporarily and attractively.

Standard sizes – at 2 Metres long – and Custom sizes & Finishes

precast concrete planter decorative barriers Canucks logo Rogers ArenaWe also sell a range of standard planters which can be  customized – like this planter customized for the Vancouver Canucks in front of Rogers Arena.

Our STANDARD RENTAL PLANTERS will be 2 metres long – this allows for simple spacing for line ups. Multiple planters can be used for delineating patios or cordoning off public areas.

Our stock finishes are natural grey and exposed aggregate – but with the simplicity of these planter forms, additional colours and finishes are also possible. Logos can be cast into the planters – logo planters will of course have to be purchased.

We’ve Been Making Custom Planters & Barricades For Decades. We Can Help You.

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Custom Colours & Finishes are Available in Our Rental Pool – Email Us For a Quote On Custom Sizes, Colours & Finishes Today.

Custom sizes are available – heights, widths and lengths can be customized to suit your exact needs. Please email us for a quote on custom sizes. Minimum rental period for custom sizes will apply.

Bolt Together Precast Concrete Planters Can Be Shipped Unassembled

bracket for bolting precast concrete barrier planterOur bolt together RENTAL DECORATIVE CONCRETE PLANTERS can be delivered fully assembled, fastened with steel brackets on each inside corner. Planters delivered unassembled have threaded inserts cast into the sides for quick on-site assembly in difficult to reach locations, – using simple hand tools on site.

Unique Lightweight Foam Base – a large concrete planter that weights less

styrofoam base in precast concrete rental planters for social distancingOur RENTAL DECORATIVE BARRIER CONCRETE PLANTERS are supplied with a Styrofoam base inside the planter, which significantly lightens the weight of the planter, allowing for placing in areas where weight may be an issue. Please note that raised decks may require an engineer to determine your weight load limitations.

Sanderson Concrete – For Concrete Solutions

Canada's largest manufacturer of precast concrete plantersWith a wide range of precast concrete planters, produced for specific site solutions over the years. Sanderson can offer business owners a simple solution to help expand outdoor seating or waiting areas attractively. Not every small business wants to invest in precast concrete planters for the front of their business, so we think our solution of an inexpensive, yet still attractive CONCRETE RENTAL PLANTER as temporary solution, will help.

Email us today for a quick price on our STANDARD 2 METRE BARRIER RENTAL PLANTERS FOR RENTAL – or let us know your unique needs and we will send you a quotation for any size planter you are looking for. We love custom precast – and would be happy to quote custom sizes for your project.

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