Site furnishings highlight social spaces with character and functionality

What are site furnishings?

Site furnishings create spaces that are more comfortable for users. When planned correctly, they build functional areas that enhance social interaction. Most site furnishings are made for the outdoors from picnic tables, benches, games tables, garbage cans, and even washrooms. 

Choosing outdoor site furnishings

Outdoor site furnishings typically must endure exposure to the elements of their surrounding landscape. Cost and durability are likely significant factors for selecting products, but knowing additional application details are essential. It’s also necessary to take into account long-term value and the availability of replacement parts. Saving a few dollars in the short term may result in higher repair or replacement costs in the future.

Types of site furnishings 

Where site furnishings are used

  • Streets
  • Plazas
  • Parks
  • Courtyards
  • University campuses
  • Malls
  • Health care facilities
  • Civic spaces
  • Government Buildings

Our collaboration with leading engineers, architects, contractors, and designers has produced architectural pieces of superior level, detail, and quality. We’re able to assist you with any custom site furniture needs, from conceptual drawings through to final installation. Check out this video

Site furnishings highlight social spaces and attract indoor activities outdoors.

When appropriately designed, they create dynamic spaces that enhance social engagement. Outdoor furnishings create spaces to meet and gather. Garbage bins encourage a clean and tidy environment, plus bike racks prevent impromptu parking against trees, signs and fences. At the same time, lighting and signage provide better visibility and navigation. Bollards can also protect pedestrians from heavy traffic. When planned and implemented well, face-to-face outdoor furnishings create functional social spaces that satisfy aesthetically and socially. A great example of highlighting park areas is the City of Surrey’s precast washrooms in Chimney Heights Park. The City of Surrey has established a proactive approach to enhance outdoor activities through the constant use of site furnishings.

Site furnishings allow for creative opportunities to establish identity and character.

As with additional architectural design elements, furnishings offer a creative opportunity to establish a sense of identity and character. Did you know that you can add custom designs such as logos, colour or a unique design for your site furnishings? Sanderson Concrete offers a complete service from concept discussions, design consultation, and production drawings to final product manufacturing. These services can be less expensive than you would expect!

Choosing the furnishings for your next project or location, cost, and design often seems to be the prime factor to consider. Here are some questions to consider when designing a project:

  • How will your furnishings take into account the character or identity meant for the area?
  • How will your furnishings receive or draw people from the neighbouring surroundings?
  • How will your furnishings encourage social activity and interaction?

Aspects such as shape, texture, colour, and material can significantly impact how open spaces reflect and complement the building designs.

Trends in urban social space

Multi-family residential buildings:  As developers continue to build condominiums with the idea of establishing communities, outdoor site furnishings create a sense of character. Just recently, Wesgroup added a precast concrete ping pong table and a foosball table at the Riverdistrict in Vancouver, BC. 

Environmental sustainability: With heightened greenhouse gas emissions and more expensive fuel prices, more people gravitate towards public transportation and cycling as an alternative. People are spending longer time outside—looking for safe, comfortable spaces (benches) to enjoy while waiting for the bus or during a daytime commute.

Mobile technology: The improvement in smartphones, laptops, and public Wi-Fi indicates people get a lot more done while commuting or taking lunch outside (tables). There’s no need to be chained to our desks to reply to emails or participate in a conference call or zoom meeting.

City planners and developers intend to leverage available public space, make each street, and park to create a pleasant and friendly living environment for all. This makes the demand for site furnishings quite essential.

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