precast concrete custom slabs Robson Square

Municipalities, architects and civil contractors know that our experience in custom architectural precast and producing utility products such as parking curbs, perimeter drains, washrooms, and prestressed concrete makes Sanderson Concrete the precaster for Civil contractors with challenging projects.

Large Civil construction projects often require a mix of utility and landscape construction products. With an extensive range of components and high service standards, Sanderson Concrete is a proven choice for specialized projects.

Precast concrete’s adaptability in architectural finishes, colour and shapes provide an endless choice of materials that can be combined to achieve the desired look and textures.

Precast concrete signage can be cast with inset letters or logos for a permanent sign for park entrances, schools and businesses.

Security bollards serve as equally both a physical and visual barrier. Controlling unwanted access to our buildings and public spaces has become a necessity in our modern world. But adding a custom design to bollards creates an aesthetically pleasing design. But doesn’t compromise security and bollards are engineered with specific force ratings where required.