blue carborundum safety strips in precast concrete treads
Custom colours, finishes, cast in nosings, weld plates, and more – contact us to discuss your needs!
Bentall Stainless nosing
precast concrete a la carte shapes and colours

Our stairs are manufactured by utilizing the best aggregates and cement possible in order to produce precast concrete steps that will withstand the test of time, making us the leading choice for precast concrete steps and stairs in Western Canada.

Unlike concrete steps poured on-site, our precast concrete steps are manufactured within our production plant. Our precast concrete stairs’ weight is distributed evenly to lessen movement significantly. In rare situations where settling does occur, precast concrete steps are easily manipulated and reset primarily because of their lighter weight. The vast collection of standard configurations of our precast concrete step products can sustain the most challenging requirements and applications.

Landscape Steps

Roman Steps – incredibly easy to install modular precast concrete steps

Precast Concrete landscape steps by Sanderson Concrete allow landscapers and home builders a simple and attractive alternative to Cast in Place concrete steps or stairs made from retaining wall blocks. Our stock tread forms allow for quick production of our landscape treads – with forms ranging up to 96” long and custom forms in virtually any length, precast concrete steps will save money and time. Finishes include light sandblast and exposed aggregate – and tactile warning strips for commercial applications.                       Read about the installation here.

Customizing and added features

Many of our commercial and landscape contractor customers customize our Roman Steps. Simple customizations such as recessed bottom edges for lighting or accent strips, landings, corner details or tactile warning strips for commercial applications are a regular part of the production at Sanderson Concrete. Contact us today with your drawings and we will be happy to help!

Stair Flights

Sanderson Concrete is the largest manufacturer of stair treads and steps on the West Coast. Custom precast concrete stair flights, cast as monolithic structures allow for simple, quick installation without formwork. Ordered in advance, flights can be manufactured and stored off-site until the project is ready for stair installation. Engineering and shop drawings can be provided – send us your architectural drawings for a quote. Learn more by clicking on the link.

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