It’s more than likely that your condo has a community garden that you can use to plant your plantables. But were you aware that raised garden beds can be produced in precast concrete, which can transform your exterior spaces into a full-functioning community garden!

Compared to most if not all wooden planters, raised precast concrete garden bed will weather the elements, including chemicals and fertilizers; moreover are economical as they don’t require the maintenance of wood planters. These community garden planters will last for decades!

Our raised garden beds are 78″ x 24″ x 24″, held together with angle bracket and come in various finishes, or if you have a custom colour in mind, no problem. They’re ideal for condos that aspire to use their outdoor space effectively!

Additionally, keep your plants healthy and beautiful with a self-watering planter insert—our self-watering inserts delivering water straight to the roots making it an economical method of reducing maintenance costs. Since our garden beds are bottomless, irrigation can be added effortlessly.

We’ve worked with countless architects, designers and individual property owners to realize their landscape designs. Current and past projects include restaurants, retail locations, homes, offices and condos. Our modern planters live in all kinds of places—entryways, patios, courtyards, poolsides and even act as social distancing barriers.

We combine innovative design with decades of experience to create your perfect community garden. Whatever your project needs, we can customize any site furnishings, including planters, benches to any particular size, shape, or colour!