Self-watering insert

An effective system for reducing maintenance costs!

Keep your plants healthy and beautiful with a Sanderson self-watering planter insert. This add-on system is available in two square and two round sizes that fit most planters (larger planters simply use two inserts that connect to a single drain hole). The self-watering planter insert provides plants with moisture whenever needed, reducing the amount of maintenance costs.

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DescriptionCapacity LitresDimensionUnit Size MMUnit Size INUnit WeightItem No. 
10″ Round2.2L x W x H254 x 254 x 17810 x 10 x 75115463 
18″ Round8.4L x W x H457 x 457 x 20318 x 18 x 89115464 
18″ Square10.57L x W x H457 x 457 x 20318 x 18 x 811115465 
24″ Square18.9L x W x H610 x 610 x 20324 x 24 x 815115466 

Multiple units can be joined together for larger planters.