decorative precast concrete barrier planters

BC’s Oldest Producer of Precast Concrete Planters for Patios and Entries, Sanderson Concrete has been making precast concrete planters for sidewalks in front of restaurants, stores and businesses throughout British Columbia for decades  including Site Furnishings and Decorative Barriers.

With the COVID-19 pandemic slowing our economy to a standstill, we wanted to help & we knew our precast concrete planters would make an attractive physical distancing barrier for sidewalks, and business storefronts. These Site Furnishings and Decorative Barriers will help make your storefront look attractive and at the same time, help people maintain physical distancing.

We supply restaurants every year with decorative planters and barriers for patios and sidewalks. But not every business wants to buy planters for what we all hope is a temporary problem. So why not RENT CONCRETE PLANTERS? Then the question was – How can we quickly make a lot of CONCRETE PLANTERS FOR RENTAL quickly and keep the costs as low as possible?

  • Standard Size rental planters/barriers – 6’-6” long (2 metres) x 18” wide x 24” tall (custom options available!)
  • 4 reinforced architectural precast concrete panels, bolted together.
  • Styro foam base inside concrete planter for soil and plant support.
  • Natural grey finish and exposed aggregate available (custom colours and finishes available)
  • Delivered assembled or Un-assembled (delivery options available)
  • Pick up at end of rental term
  • Rent or purchase!