Sanderson Concrete produces custom-made forms that are utilized in manufacturing precast products to exact shapes and sizes that cannot be achieved with other materials. The real advantage of architectural precast concrete is found in its unlimited potential as it starts in a liquid state. Individual samples help architects envision the desired aesthetics and ensure the project’s success.

Precast concrete generates new possibilities: form, structure, texture, colour, substantial cost savings and shortened building time. In other words, with precast concrete, architecture reaches new heights.

Precast concrete’s adaptability in architectural finishes, colour and shape will provide the original aesthetics of buildings or components and maintain and respect historical significance. When an attempt to conserve, restore, or revitalize, precast concrete becomes the obvious choice to recreate a natural stone or cast stone elements. An endless choice of materials can be combined to achieve the desired look and textures.

Concrete’s exceptional properties, applications and benefits have advanced and emphasized the usage and research in urban design.

By generating savings on building time, labour, and costs and enabling unmatched architectural freedom, precast concrete can create inspiring and welcoming urban spaces.

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