Sanderson Concrete continues to lead the industry of precast concrete steps through its dedication to excellence and customer service. Our stairs are manufactured by utilizing the best aggregates and cement possible in order to produce precast concrete steps that will withstand the test of time, making us the leading choice for precast concrete steps and stairs in Western Canada.

Commercial Stair Treads

Economical precast concrete stair treads are the only way to go!
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Landscape - Roman Steps

Roman Steps – incredibly easy to install modular precast concrete steps
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Our architectural capabilities allow for custom details, exposed aggregate treads to custom colours & shapes.
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We produce thousands of precast concrete stair treads annually. Check out our Gallery of Stair Treads!
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Concrete Solutions

Pre Stress

From exposed aggregate to sandblast! You'll find all our Finishes here!
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A new set of precast concrete stairs in less than a day
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Precast vs Cast-in-Place

Precast Concrete stair treads mean you can walk up your steps on day 1
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Why choose Sanderson Concrete

*Over 3 decades of experience *Architectural Precast Specialist *Western Canada’s largest producer of Stair Treads to Universities, commercial buildings all over North America


Exposed Aggregate Precast Concrete Stair Treads

Add a classic look to your front steps with exposed aggregate stair treads
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Broom Finish with Edge Trowel

Shown in charcoal, these treads can be finished in a number of ways
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Light Sandblast with Tactile Nosing Trowel

Textured finished such as sandblast, exposed aggregate, and broom finish.
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Broom Finish with Sandblasted Nosing

Shown in charcoal, the tactile nosing is sandblasted into the front edge of the stair tread
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Broom Finish Stair Tread with Carborundum Tactile Nosing

Cast in carborundum nosing add a tactile safety feature to standard and custom stair treads
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Stone Textured Precast Concrete Stair Treads

The stone textured treads simulate real stone at a fraction of the price
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Custom Bullnosed Stair Treads with Sandblasted Nosing

Custom precast concrete stair treads can be produced with a bullnose front, custom textures and colours
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Precast concrete stair treads can be cast in lengths as long as 12′-0
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