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We’ve been making precast concrete stair treads for over 20 years. We stand behind our treads 100%. Don’t settle for a decent tread with an okay finish and suspect quality and strength – insist on a precast concrete tread made by Sanderson Concrete Inc. Any finish, any colour and almost any length – 10′-0 treads? No problem, right JF?

  • Sanderson Concrete’s treads are reinforced with 15 mm rebar.
  • The concrete is 35 – 45 MPA – vs the 32 MPA supplied by the ready-mix company.
  • 6% Air entrained concrete.

Sanderson Concrete’s Quality Control is a multi-step process that virtually eliminates the shipping of improperly produced products:

  • Pre-production inspection of forms and reinforcing
  • Post-production inspection of finishing
  • Inspection of stripped form and product
  • Post-sandblast inspection
  • Pre-packaging inspection
  • Final pre-shipment inspection
  • But – mistakes in construction happen. It’s not that they don’t happen, it’s what you do when they do happen. If the crack was somehow missed by Sanderson Concrete’s Quality Control, we will ship a new tread immediately – at our cost.
  • If the tread was damaged on site, regardless of who did it, you still have to get it replaced, and fortunately, swapping out a damaged precast tread is a lot easier and less expensive than repairing CIP concrete. And your customer will never see a patch – because there won’t be one.
  • If the determination is that this is a simple shrinkage crack and that it won’t go any further, Sanderson Concrete warrants the treads against defects for a full five years – if your customer calls us long after you have left, you can be assured that we will take care of any issues.

Experience you can count on – all over North America

  • Sanderson Concrete Inc has been making precast concrete stair treads for over 20 years and has shipped treads all over North America. From our main markets in British Columbia and Washington State to Florida, New York and California – people stand on our treads – and we stand behind them. 100%
  • Our common treads are 3” thick x 12” wide and we stock them in 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” lengths in exposed aggregate.

Call or email today us for a free estimate or shop drawings

  • We can make any length tread up to 96” long with our standard forms.
  • Our experience in producing British Columbia’s best exposed aggregate finished precast concrete products ensure you of a consistent finish year after year, project after project.
  • Sanderson Concrete has been producing custom and architectural concrete for over 25 years – so don’t just think of us as exposed aggregate stair tread producers. Other finishes we produce on a regular basis include:
    • Light and Medium sandblast
    • Polished and terrazzo
    • Broom finish
    • Custom nosing details
    • Anti-slip troweled details
    • Cast-in carborundum nosings for commercial applications
    • Integrally coloured concrete and coloured aggregates
  • When Parklane Homes asked us to stock exposed aggregate treads for their developments, we put in enough inventory to cover orders as they came in – no waiting, place the order today, we can be ready to ship within a day. When they switched the look of their standard treads from a square face to a tapered face, we began stocking these as well.
  • We stock galvanized angle brackets, slotted 1” for lateral movement in case of site condition changes; you don’t have to wait for the treads to arrive before you place the stringers – you have an 1” of play
  • We produce thousands of stair treads annually.
  • Our warranty is second to none – 5 years: if we did something wrong, we’ll replace the tread. Period.
  • We are custom architectural specialists – our custom stair treads are in embassies, engineering offices, high end homes, hospitals, university buildings and more.
  • Our custom division is capable of producing landings as well. Landings are custom, and require input from the contractor – call us or email us with your details and we’ll give you a firm price on producing your landings to match your treads.
  • Durability

Need treads and landings to match something existing? Jim asked us to match the cast in place driveway in a local exposed aggregate mix with a black pigment – we took a sample of the aggregate and sandblasted the precast to match what the concrete contractor had done in Washington State – and we’re in BC!

Happy customer, great job – “Perfect match – love the aggregate! Thanks guys!” – still looks great. Thanks Jim!


  • We make stringers and landings to match our treads – virtually any size landing and stair stringers to suit.

Precast Concrete Treads will not rust, rot or crumble due to winter weather or use of ice melt.  Salt and concrete do not mix.

45 MPA concrete with engineered reinforcing.

5 year warranty – Sanderson Concrete has been producing precast concrete stair treads for over 20 years – and they are still in use today.

  • Easy and Economical Installation and Replacement

Simple to install in any weather (raining? No putting off the finishing crew and the ready mix truck)

Two men can install treads up to 60” in length without machinery

Treads can be bolted or epoxied into place

Treads can be walked on immediately – no waiting for concrete to cure

Damaged treads can be replaced in minutes by laborers, not concrete finishers!

  • Low Maintenance

Stairs made with Precast Concrete treads are easy to adjust if settling occurs.

  • Custom is our favorite word!

Precast Concrete treads can be made in a number of finishes, shapes and sizes, including curved, bullnosed, and cast with closed face risers – see our custom stair tread page

We can provide engineered shop drawings for any custom designs.

  • Know The Source

Our production facility is located in Surrey, BC. Sanderson Concrete’s stair treads are made in a controlled plant environment with new concrete produced specifically for our stair treads. Our aggregates, cement and admixtures are consistently batched in our plant by our modern computer controlled batch plant.

Many of our designers, management, finishers and production staff have experience in precast concrete exceeding 25 years.

  • Our other precast concrete experience lends itself to your project

With years of experience producing precast concrete products for the building and landscape industries, we are capable of matching finishes and colours on your custom home – call us today for a consultation or no obligation quote.

  • Design ease

Existing design options, such as engineered drawings and riser suggestions enable designers, architects and engineers to quickly determine site requirements and adjust during construction if grades change. No need to call back the concrete contractor for another quote.

Call or email today us for a free estimate on your custom designs – 604-580-4108

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