Sanderson Concrete manufactures cast stone to exacting standards. Cast stone is a high strength precast concrete meant to simulate natural stone. Requiring a minimum strength of 45 MPa (6500 PSI) by the Cast Stone Institute, Sanderson Concrete’s Cast Stone strengths typically exceeding 60 MPa (8700 PSI). This makes our precast architectural trim durable, resistant to wear and colourfast. Consistent colours from start to finish are critical to builders and contractors who use cast stone on high-end homes and commercial buildings, and Sanderson Concrete delivers unparalleled colour matches.


Using rubber, steel and wood to create cast stone architectural trim, Sanderson Concrete works with architects and masons to produce stunning architectural details for high-end homes and buildings.


Cast stone is a version of precast concrete consisting on fine aggregates, water reducing admixtures and a higher strength than traditional precast. The Cast Stone Institute defines cast stone as having a minimum strength of 6500 PSI (45 MPa).
Sanderson Concrete’s standard precast concrete typically exceeds 42 MPa – and our cast stone will often exceed 60 MPa. Mix strengths are often determined by aggregates and pigments – however softer aggregates can be allowed for with careful gradation and proper use of chemical admixtures and water reducers.

State of the Art Facilities

  • 3D modeling in Revit, Rhino, Sketchup and Autocad
  • CNC models for perfect rubber forms
  • Computer batched concrete production facilities
  • Custom aggregates and finishes
  • In-house consulting and design
  • Colour samples and colour matching

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