Whatever you may choose to call it, powder room, lavatory, outhouse, washroom, dunny, restroom, latrine, water closet, john, la luna, or just toilet. You now have the privilege of playing Candy Crush on your phone anywhere you want!

Have you been wondering how to upgrade your green space?

A low-maintenance precast restroom may be the answer,  Introducing our new line of Precast Outhouses! 

So does a precast concrete pit toilet make sense? Consider the following factors.

A precast concrete privy can be an economical solution to add essential facilities to a remote location or in a well-frequented municipal greenspace, provincial or national park, or public campground area. It can be challenging for people to access facilities in these areas, so this is a crucial amenity for people who will use the space. They can even be installed near a remote weigh-in or utility station for the comfort and convenience of the employees who work there!

Advantages of a Precast Concrete Pitstop

  • Engineered to CSA Standard A23.3 Design of Concrete Structures and specifications on our drawings!
  • No Joint – one-piece monolithic roof
  • Integrally coloured concrete (no painting or caulking required) will not fade
  • 5″ Reinforced precast concrete walls, roof and base
  • Anti-graffiti coating exterior and interior
  • Interior surfaces are durable and easily cleaned
  • Quick one-day installation
  • Exterior wood grain finish
  • Hidden fasteners connections
  • Each Baño comes ready for use with
    • Durable toilet stem and lid
    • Aluminum Access hatch
    • Oversized N-12 vent – designed to eliminate odours
    • Two Stainless steel Grab bars
    • Custom designed three roll toilet roll, holder
    • 18-gauge steel door hung Stainless steel hinges
    • Stainless-steel Custom-made purse shelf
    • Oversized precast concrete entry pad with lap joint to the floor slab
  • Underground holding tank
  • Handicap accessibility

Delivering the El Baño

Solid concrete construction will stand up to the elements.

Vandalism – Vandalism is a problem that many washrooms face. Anti-graffiti coatings can be applied to surfaces to make cleanup easier.

Heavy Use – In many facilities, wear and tear are the leading cause of a building’s useful life being shortened. Restrooms made entirely of concrete, including the interior walls, not only withstand abuse but are also simple to repair if damage occurs. Hardware, fixtures, and trim made of stainless steel that resists wear and corrosion provide years of service.

Low Maintenance: The Bano is manufactured to reduce maintenance costs for municipalities and park operators. Since there’s no painting or caulking, and fixtures are stainless steel or plastic, and the washroom can be washed easily with a hose. 

El Baño Precast Concrete Outhouse

These concrete Baño's come in a standard design model, or we can also customize options to meet your exact needs, including aesthetic options that blend with your pre-existing buildings in the area.
All our precast concrete outhouses are manufactured at our plant and then delivered to your site.