Aesthetically appealing mixed with functionality!

Installed by our friends T. Moscone & Bros. Landscaping Ltd these countertops come with a light polish top and drop face.  The dark grey countertop includes 2″ X 2″ welded wire mesh reinforcing plus fibres in the mix for additional strength.

These large benches are reinforced with welded 15M rebar. Eight  – 15M bars in a cage and 10 mil stirrups on 16-inch centers. At the same time, the natural form finish top makes it easier to clean. There are 6′ LED light strip reglets cast into each side, adding a relaxed ambience of a cocktail lounge.

Is it time for a barbecue, or do you want some quiet time?

Let us help you design your distinctive picnic tables, benches, or even full washroom buildings! Have an idea of what you may like? Curious about what this would cost? Please tell us your thoughts and get an instant quote. HERE