Custom Architectural Precast Concrete Bollards at YVR Airport - Sanderson Concrete

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Beautiful Hand Polished Precast Concrete Security Bollards & Pebbles at Vancouver’s Airport

Cast in high strength black concrete and hand polished to expose just the tip of the Sechelt aggregate, these beautiful security bollards were created to remind visitors to Vancouver’s world-famous international airport of local Basalt stone.

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Three Bollards Appear Different From Every Angle

The distinctly different precast concrete bollard forms were custom made with multiple facets and complex curves were 3D modelled. Models for the forms were then CNC cut, sanded and sealed before rubber forms and mother forms were produced.
Each shape was then cast in a high strength custom architectural black concrete. The finished bollards were then hand polished to just expose the tips of the Sechelt aggregate and sand, giving the precast concrete bollards a more natural organic appearance. The final finish was achieved with a custom-blended semi-matte sealer.

Custom Pebble Benches Add Security, Beauty and Functionality

Ten custom precast concrete pebbles were also created for the airport international departures area. The pebbles serve as both security bollards and seats for waiting passengers. Hand polished as well, the bollard seats are hard mounted to the sidewalk for security – and a great place to grab a coffee while you wait for your flight.

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