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Whether they’re the standard variety from a home renovation store or an architect’s custom creation, concrete pavers offer a unique artistic flair.
Pavers are concrete flooring materials used to make entrances, walkways, pathways, terraces and patios. The joints between the pavers can be filled with sand, and the results are beautiful, artistic spaces, whether destined for foot or vehicle traffic. As a general rule, strengths of 40 MPa – 60 MPa allow Architects and City Planners to design public spaces with considerably larger pavers than traditional machine-made patio slabs and unit pavers.
Pavers are produced from moulded concrete and formed into tiles to resemble stone, brick or look like concrete. The pavers commonly drop into two categories. The first is the thick, long-lasting interlocking paver resembling bricks. Interlocking pavers are usually used for driveways since they can manage the weight of a vehicle. Another type of paver is the thinner and more visually pleasing, architectural pavers.
Architectural pavers are frequently used for paths or patios wherever aesthetics are essential.
Discover why our architectural and landscape clients are ever-increasingly drawn on Sanderson Concrete for oversized pavers.


Large precast pavers for public plazas and parks may require high strength mixes or custom reinforcing details. Strengths of 40 MPa – 60 MPa allow Architects and City Planners to design public spaces with much larger pavers than traditional machine made patio slabs and unit pavers.


Rather than a 24” x 24” patio slab – large oversized pavers can create a sense of scale in a landscape or park. Cast in Place concrete slabs require formwork and ready mix trucks. Finishes such as light or medium sandblast, broom finish and coloured concrete are easily achieved with consistent and clean edges.


  • Removable sidewalk slabs
  • Vault covers
  • Pedestrian bridge decks
  • Walk ways and sidewalks
  • Water feature stepping stones
  • City plaza pavement
  • Bench and Picnic table support pads

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