The advantage of concrete speaks to the homes on the West Coast. An experienced landscape designer could create a unique and striking design for the home. The design flexibility of precast landscape steps and pavers are quite appealing to those who want to create a beautiful property.  

When installing landscape steps or pavers, pre-planning is crucial. First, it’s necessary to plan the area in which the pavers will go. The next step is to calculate the number of steps or pavers you’ll need.

Landscape (Roman) Steps

  • Quick and clean installation and can be done in a day – Read the blog
  • Customizable bottom edges, tactile warning strips
  • Standard finishes include exposed aggregate and light sandblast
  • Integrally pigmented steps are also available.
  • Faster and less expensive than pouring concrete steps
  • Available in any length up to 12’-0 long plus customizing is a regular part of the production at Sanderson Concrete!

Landscape Pavers

grey pavers


  • Pavers are stronger, long-lasting, and will not fracture
  • In event of damage, individual tiles can be replaced, rather than having to remove huge pieces of the hardscape.
  • Paver tile designs and colours can be mixed to produce interesting patterns and a unique look for the area.
  • Pavers can be driven on 
  • They are resistant to moisture 

Discover why our architectural and landscape clients are ever-increasingly drawn on Sanderson Concrete for Landscape Steps and Pavers.