Design with the Environment in Mind

Expand your creativity and design with the environment in mind!

Maybe you’re interested in creating terraced hillsides and raised garden beds. Retaining walls define our unique outdoor living spaces that are artistically beautiful and inviting to walk through. Using the proper retaining wall blocks can help you achieve the look and provide the security for your outdoor retreat to enjoy with family and friends. 

When used correctly, wall blocks can be used to stabilize your property’s landscape, define outdoor living areas, and may enhance a home’s value and curb appeal. MagnumStone retaining wall blocks offers style and colour to suit your distinct personality, highlighting landscape features, and offer environmental and economic benefits.

As we look for environmentally friendly construction solutions, MagnumStone’s hollow-core allows manufacturing plants to maximize their output and reduce carbon footprint. Its unique hollow core design means less concrete to pour, making the units lighter to handle. This design translates into cost savings and a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The vertical and horizontal hollow core, packed with clear crushed gravel, provides added weight, an excellent wall drainage system and a perfect connection with the geosynthetic reinforcements. The block’s wall features an integrated and protected drain chimney in the block’s hollow core, allowing fill materials to be packed to the back of the block. It is the only system on the market to enable the drain tile to rest in the hollow core at any level of the wall and allow the drain tile to daylight from the block’s face making it an excellent choice for environmentally friendly wall solutions.

If you want to release the creativity in you, the MagnumStone is ideal for landscape designers. The large vertical and horizontal cores allow wall designers to create visual solutions without environmentally costly side-effects. The aesthetically pleasing plantable terraces maximize the green area, which lessens the “heat island” effect among concrete surfaces.

Other benefits include fast installation, inexpensive corner and end units and lighter blocks compared to other block systems plus MagnumStone can be custom coloured on-site after installation. 

 If you require any further information or get started on your next project, please contact one of our experts for additional information.

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