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With one of our concrete fire pits, you can create a gorgeous focal point to complement your outdoor space and lifestyle. These one-of-a-kind precast concrete fire pits weigh less than half as much as most others, making them simple to ship and install on any landscaping or commercial application project. Handcrafted to withstand the elements and provide great entertaining opportunities for years. 

Allow the fire pit to be the focal point of your outdoor living space, giving a calm hideaway in which to unwind with family and friends. Our fire pits are perfect for small, controlled fires that provide the warmth and beauty of a wood-burning fire to your outdoor space.

This segmental precast concrete fire pit includes a ten gauge steel liner to provide cooling airspace to protect the concrete from overheating and cracking and offer years of maintenance-free life.


Precast concrete fire pit blocks that can be stacked and taken apart to move if desired.


  • Plain Rock face Concrete
  • Liner – 10 gauge rolled steel liner 30” x 14 height


  • 48” outside diameter - 32” inside diameter
  • Height 14.5”
  • Base blocks are 4” thick
  • Cap blocks are 2.5” thick
  • Weight 570 lb. - 259 kg


  • Finishes – Plain Rock face Concrete


  • Custom colours available
  • Additional base blocks for added height

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