A fabulous relationship brings out exceptional ideas!

Coquitlam’s Park Planner, Doron Fishman, and Sanderson Concrete’s owner, Jan Arntorp, have worked together on many projects, including these beautiful benches installed at Coquitlam’s Town Centre Park by Lafarge Lake:

“As a precaster, it’s always exciting when a city comes to us with a concept for a new site furnishing. When it’s an architect like Doron, whose designs are modern and he’s seeking our input on the practicality – or “buildability” of the design, we get to be part of something fun. The final design then becomes something we can produce at a reasonable cost for the city.”

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These unique pieces are the third site furnishing Doron has designed with us for the City of Coquitlam. Our monolithic ping pong table and foosball table were both created with design input from Doron along with Dylan Chernoff of Durante Kruek Landscape Architects (we just figured out the playing surface – the aesthetic credits go to these two talented blokes!)

Installed by our friends over at Cedar Crest Landscaping, these large benches are reinforced with a 15mm fibreglass rebar in the top. At the same time, the smaller benches have 15mm steel rebar through the corner into the legs. The smooth polished top, not only adds a light sheen but is easier to clean.

Can you spot the skate deterrents?

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