precast parking curbs

With increasing interest in a healthier lifestyle and reducing our carbon footprint, the number of cyclists on public roads continues to rise. Regrettably, many routes available to cyclists today do not have proper protective measures, leaving cyclists in danger of severe injury or even fatality.

Many cities are embracing the trend of dedicated bike lanes on existing roads. Unfortunately, these lanes are often nothing more than paint on a street, providing inadequate safety to cyclists and uneasiness for motorists. But by using high-profile curbs as bike lane dividers, you are providing security and safety for both parties on the road. Download Drawings Below!

Precast Concrete Bike Lane Dividers

Surface Mounted Delineator
Cast-in Socket Delineator
Drawings Available Below!
Stanley Park - Vancouver, BC
bike delineators curbs
North Vancouver, BC

Cast-in Socket – Height 36″/48″

Rugged and Removable plastic post. Recommended for high-traffic work zones or walkways. 3″ reflective bands for visibility.

Surface Mounted – Height 36″/48″

Flexible Posts Rugged plastic post springs back upright after impact. Recommended for high-traffic work zones or walkways. 3″ reflective bands for visibility.

The City of North Vancouver wanted to implement a safer option for both the cyclists and motorists and precast concrete presented the right solution. The city recently utilized our high-profile concrete curbs to create protected bike lanes, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, award-winning, receiving the 2021 HUB Bike Award for Infrastructure Improvement, recognized its new protected bike lane, intersection upgrades and improved sightlines. The concrete curbs are reinforced with rebar and designed to withstand repetitive impact from moving vehicles. These high-profile curbs won’t twist or warp over time, and they pin securely into position for long-term stability. Even if the curb cracks, they won’t fall apart.

By adding our high profile curbs, (96″ x 12″ x 8″ tall), you can see that these curbs make it more comfortable for the users and encourage people who aren’t comfortable riding in traffic or riding on painted lanes.

Using high-profile precast curbs provides a protected bike lane and adds flexibility to the designers. The cyclists and the driver feel secure behind the curb, the cyclists would be over there, and the motorists would be over here.