Spice it up with Color!

Builders and architects are rediscovering concrete because it has always been environmentally “green,” and it satisfies the owners growing need for construction value. Davis Colors can be added to concrete structures because they make coloured surfaces look natural, not glossy or artificial. But if it’s the polished look you’re after, coloured concrete surfaces can be ground, polished, or hard-troweled. Combining colour is a method to take the “ordinary” appearance out of concrete and add depth and texture that stands out.

Sanderson Concrete has continually supported architects, contractors, and building owners to complete their projects on time, on budget and with confidence for over 30 years.

Matching concrete to historical colours can be challenging, but Sanderson Concrete has the expertise you need. Several colours can be matched up instantly. If the mix design’s pigments are no longer available, our supplier, Davis Colors, has a pigment library second to none.

From custom colour matching to historical restorations, our state of the art batch plant uses computer batch recipes for all of our precast concrete mix designs. You can be confident of achieving the colour you need.

For further information on how we’ve utilized colour on various projects, click on the link!

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