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Our precast concrete parking curbs are used all over British Columbia, from small installations of one or two curbs and in multi-level parkades by the thousands. These concrete parking curbs are highly durable; no matter where you situate your curbs, rest assured they will do their job when it comes to marking out your stall or parking lot. We are fully aware that parking stops take a beating daily, and we strive to deliver concrete parking curbs that can take that beating and continue performing over the long-term.

We utilize high strength reinforced concrete mix combined with strict quality control procedures to produce these products at our state of the art facility to ensure you get a high-quality product. Our curbs are cast so that they have a smooth finish, making them easy to paint. We have our standard seven-foot curb in stock, plus our smaller curbs are designed for the lower profile vehicles to minimize damage.  

We stock our low profile 4” curbs; they are cast to the same high-quality precast concrete standards as our standard curbs.  Our high profile 8′ x 12” curbs are cast with voids for forks, making them easier to handle. These larger curbs or wheel stops are suitable for truck lots, halfway between a precast concrete parking curb and an actual highway barrier. Rebar pins are available in 16” lengths or can be supplied in custom lengths for suspended slab installation.

Read our latest blog – Precast Concrete Parking Curbs & Concrete Wheel Stops.

Learn about how The City of North Vancouver wanted to implement a safer option for both the cyclists and motorists and precast concrete presented the right solution. The city recently utilized our high-profile concrete curbs to create protected bike lanes, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

If you require modifications to one of these parking curbs, a unique size, strength, contact our sales team and discuss what we can innovate for you.

  • Standard Profile Curb


    • 84" x 8" x 5.5" tall
    • 272 lbs

    Technical Downloads

  • Low Profile Curb


    • 84" x 7.5" x 4" tall
    • 189 lbs

    Technical Downloads

  • High Profile Curb


    • 96" x 12" x 8" tall
    • 663 lbs

    Technical Downloads

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