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Sanderson Concrete separates itself from the competition by walking clients through each part of the precast stair design phase. We’ve been building stairs since 1929, and we have a reputation for only using the highest-quality materials in our precast stairs. Our designs let you compliment a building’s exterior with precast stairs in matching or contrasting shades.

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stair case
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As a product innovation leader with advanced technological capabilities, we’re able to provide customizable precast concrete stairs that meet your specific project requirements.

We offer a wide range of customizable precast concrete stairs that set the bar for quality and reliability in the industry. 

  • Versatility in the size, shape and finishes.
  • Effective in its design, manufacturing and erecting.
  • Resilient to withstand the test of time through weather and other elements.

Staircases are an architectural staple in both residential and commercial designs. Our precast concrete stair treads and landing can create a staircase that adds a bold statement to any interior or exterior environment. Whether you are looking to construct a bright, open, and welcoming space, concrete stair treads allow for a high level of aesthetic and practical flexibility. The colour, shape, and size of the stair treads help create the staircase’s overall physical presence. Custom architectural concrete offers designers a customization level in shape, colour, and textures

Safety is constantly a concern in designing a staircase, particularly for an exterior or public staircase. Metal nosings or sandblasted concrete surfaces offer a non-slip tread to keep employees and visitors safe. Our stair units are made with high-strength concrete and are a durable addition to any high-traffic area. We will collaborate with you to produce that level of safety and comfort.

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