Salmon sculpture

Pure White Concrete with White Aggregate

White Concrete with White Aggregates

Using white cement, white stone and white sand, these benches were polished on top for a smooth surface and light sandblasted on the sides – both finishes highlighting the white aggregates.

Estrella Bench in White

Unique shapes coupled with specialty mix designs such as all-white concrete or pigmented mixes create site furnishings that can stand out or blend in based on the designers' intentions.

Bright White

All white concrete – white cement, white stone, white sand – ensures the aggregates do not “shadow” through the cement paste. As all concrete eventually wears to show some sand and stone on the surface, white aggregates allow concrete to age gracefully.

Simon Fraser University Benches – 32’-0 long white concrete

Hardwood inlays beautifully contrast the all-white concrete benches. 32’-0 long with 8’-0 cantilevers at each end, the white concrete was a high strength mix with superplasticizer and reinforced with MMFX rebar.

Add a Little Colour

Concrete can come in many colours

Green concrete polished terrazzo playing surface

Orange Precast to mimic brick

Washroom Building preassembled at plant

Charcoal fireplace surrounds

Pigments properly dosed to ensure exact colour matches

Yes – it’s Red concrete!

Red Davis pigment inlaid into all-white concrete – and polished

Custom Finishes and Aggregate

Hand Polished

YVR bollards and sitting stones polished, exposing just the tips of the 3/8” Sechelt aggregate.

Machine polished and perfectly flat

Proper orientation for exacting tolerances

Glass aggregates – 9 pavers – spot the joints

These are individual pieces – exactly the same thickness

Honed on top and sandblasted sides

Light or heavy sandblasting can expose aggregates

Unique Site Furnishings

Custom Planter Rings

No joints, no leaks, no problem

Seats & Pebbles

Beginning as a liquid, concrete can take any shape

Segmental fountain

Each of the 4 sections is deeper than the last to create flow

Large benches for skytrain station

Hollow benches with aluminum insets and lighting

Robson Square - Consistent Colour from 2006 - to 2020

A Vancouver landmark

Robson Square consists of acres of pink precast concrete pavers cast with a unique concrete blend of two types of cement, two pigments and two sizes of pink Oyama shale

Remaking history

In 2006, Sanderson was asked to recreate the original mix design – requiring two types of cement and two pigments, one of which had to be recreated as the original supplier was no longer in business.

Over a quarter of a million square feet of pavers

Since 2006, Sanderson Concrete has produced 10 phases of unique pavers using historical mix designs to match the original concrete from the 1970s

Oyama Shale

A soft stone, Oyama shale was used in the original concrete. The new mix design called for increased strengths which could change the colour of the concrete. Using state of the art admixtures, strengths were increased to 55MPa with no colour change.

21st Century Precast Concrete

Computer Batched Concrete

Two Acromix concrete mixers PLC computer-controlled concrete mixes for exacting mixes – every time, all the time.

In-House Testing

Compression strengths, slump and air entrainment testing done in-house daily

Large Format Precast

Two Bridge Heads for over-sized precast panels and beams.

Mould Prototyping

3D modeling & CNC cutting for custom moulds and prototypes.

Specialty Reinforcements

HPC – 1-1/2” thick, no steel

High-Performance Concrete – 1-1/2” thick x 11’-0 long shipped over 1100 km away with no rebar!


80MPa face coat, high fibre content mix.

Prestressed stair treads

2” thick stair treads for SFU, prestressed up to 13’-0 long.

Specialty Reinforcing

MMFX rebar, fibreglass rebar, stainless steel rebar, polypropylene and fibreglass fibres.

In-House Mould Shops & Specialty Finishes

In-house mould shops

Carpentry, welding and rubber mould shops. Wood,, rubber & steel fabricated forms all produced in house.

In-house steel fabrication

From hand polishing to machine polishing. Large surfaces and complex curves using the right tools for the surfaces required.


Post-production processes include sandblasting – light, medium and exposed aggregate - polishing, sacking and sealing with acrylics, water-based and anti-graffiti coatings.

Polishing and Honing

From hand polishing to machine polishing. Large surfaces and complex curves using the right tools for the surfaces required.

Concrete Salmon - From Concept to Installation

Artist’s concept

Artist’s original 2’-0 long models were 3D scanned and scaled up to 12’-0 lengths.

3D Modeling

3D models were produced, and full-scale models were CNC cut from foam for the mould making process.

26 Coats of Rubber for Flexibility

After the rubber, the form was made, and fibreglass “mother” form was made to support the 6,000 lb concrete sculptures

Public Art

The 6,000 lb salmon were supported under the paving stone plaza with recessed pedestals to spread the load evenly on the sand base.

Cast Stone

Cast Stone – High Performance Concrete

Cast Stone is a High-Performance Concrete (HPC) designed to mimic cut stone. Typically 45 MPa (6500 PSI) or higher, Cast Stone can be dry cast or wet cast.

Masonry Accents

Cast Stone typically has few if any bugholes, however, cast stone can be produced with bugholes purposely as an architectural detail. Call us today to discuss your project.

Cast Stone Accents

This unique private home was clad in limestone with cast stone accents around all windows, doors, columns and walls.

Exacting colour matches

Meant to be a shade off the Turkish Limestone wall cladding, this cast stone plinth perfectly accents the limestone-clad home.
With decades of experience in creating “Concrete Solutions” for contractors, architects and artists, our depth of knowledge in concrete mix designs and precast concrete mould making is only surpassed by our team members’ passion for our work. While we have become one of BC’s larger precast concrete manufacturers – producing literally thousands of stair treads, window sills and site furnishings annually, we remain at heart, the hands-on craftsmen whose curiosity is always piqued by a unique challenge. Do you have an exceptional project in mind? Contact us and see why we say, “Custom is our favourite word!