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Roman Steps – Precast Concrete steps save time and money

Whether you are  a contractor or a homeowner looking for a new set of front steps or garden steps for your landscape, Sanderson Concrete’s precast concrete Roman steps have been a favorite of contractors for over 20 years and are economical, easy to install and will last a lifetime.

Our standard Roman Steps are a 6″ thick x 16″ deep precast concrete stair tread and are available in virtually any length.

Standard sizes include 24″, 32″, 40″, 48″, 60″ and 72″ long. We also have 96″ long forms with custom bulkheads, allowing us to make any size required up to 8′-0 long – and we have produced custom lengths for golf courses and public parks up to 15′-0 long.

Standard finishes include exposed aggregate and light sandblast. Integrally pigmented steps are also available.

Get the custom landscape look without the custom cost

Roman steps can be staggered throughout the landscape to add architectural interest or installed in a straight line. Adding elements such as landings or patio slab accents and lighting along with plants can turn a simple front entry into an amazing landscape that looks like you hired a team of designers and installers. Need Inspiration?

Faster and less expensive than pouring concrete steps

Roman steps can be installed quickly and for much less than a similar set of stairs made using ready mix concrete – see our post on Ready Mix Concrete Steps vs Precast Concrete Stairs for more information

Installation is simple:

Always ensure a stable base with proper drainage prior to installing any hardscape products.

Download these instructions here:

Roman Step Installation Instructions Sanderson Concrete Inc

For more inspiration, see our Roman Step page or contact us for a quote at info@sandersonconcrete.ca

Also see our precast concrete stair treads pages for more information on the other stair tread products we produce.


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