The Effectiveness of Concrete Bollards - Protection and Security

The original bollards were crafted using massive tree trunks, or vertical cannon barrels transitioning to the modern concrete bollards.

Since becoming modernized and skillfully manufactured, concrete bollards are presently more personalized and aesthetically appealing.

Although bollards are utilized as barriers to keep pedestrians shielded from vehicular traffic, they have become just as crucial in controlling motor vehicles in every location deemed vulnerable or a security risk, such as university campuses, government buildings and airports.

The transforming from bulky eyesores to a more aesthetically pleasing design:

Concrete bollards have shifted to an intrinsic part of the landscape design; now, they can be manufactured to enhance the landscape rather than something that needs to be concealed. With customization options like colour and finish, new concrete bollards can be installed as the architectural centrepiece.

Shapes and forms include:

  • Round/Cylindrical. Possibly the most common are concrete cylindrical, positioned upright, bollards with either a surface or in-ground mount.
  • Angled edges can be placed as squares or diamond shape, short and wide, or taller and more slender.
  • Decorative and Architectural. Concrete bollards can vary from spherical to three-dimensional replicas, including themed designs that appear as an architectural addition rather than a concrete security barrier. Read more on our large spherical ball, Sanderson Concrete got balls!
  • Lighted bollards can also serve as soft night lighting, illuminating paths and providing direction with lighting features built right into the bollard. Lighted bollards point out restrictions along walkways and pedestrian pathways.
  • They are customized and accessorized. Concrete bollards are maintenance-free, offering finishes including natural concrete, various stain colours, thermoplastic coatings, and recycled glass incorporated into the bollard plus logos and crest!

Use of Concrete bollard is on the rise:

  • As a pedestrian barrier for areas that have heavy foot traffic, bollards automatically increase the walkability of sites by providing safety and security against motor vehicle interactions. With a secure walking path, pedestrians can safely get around without the fear of not being seen by motor vehicle drivers. 
  • To protect cycling traffic. Concrete bollards can be installed to separate bike lanes and bicycle parking racks from automobile traffic on streets.
  • Installed at interconnecting walkways and paths between buildings and areas of the campus, bollards are the ideal way to indicate walkways.
  • Bollards protect drivers on roads designated as high-risk areas, including curves, blind hills, and drop-offs.
  • Outside of government buildings or complexes, or areas in need of high-security environments. Read more about our Precast Concrete Security Bollards & pebbles at the Vancouver Airport!
  • Traffic management. Bollards are beneficial in directing vehicular and people traffic where you want them to go.
  • Parking-bollards. Bollards can be utilized to block cars from entering or exiting lots in the wrong spots.
  • Protection for street-level seating for restaurants, cafés, and bars that want to make sure their patrons are protected.
  • Bike parking areas. Using concrete bollards to designate a specific area for bike parking racks guarantees separate locations for both bicycles and cars.

Through a wide variety of options in size, shape, and colour, bollards can effectively protect any areas from motor vehicle intrusion while enhancing the aesthetics of your landscape.

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