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Precast concrete or cast stone window trim or surrounds lend a distinctive accent to a brick or stone clad building. Consistent colours and formwork make for seamless installation – whether it is a simple sill and lintel combination or an elaborate cast stone architectural trim detail, Sanderson Concrete has produced architectural window surrounds for decades. We can cast segments, or monolithic pieces. We have supplied window trim to masons working on high-end homes, churches, colleges and public buildings, clad in limestone, or built out of brick. Our in-house steel fabrication, carpentry and rubber form shops can produce any shape, size or finish for your next project.

Western Canada’s Largest Sill & Lintel Manufacturer

Producing thousands of windows sills annually, Sanderson Concrete is Western Canada’s largest manufacturer of precast concrete window sills and architectural trim.

Sills, lintels, wall coping and post caps are a large part of our daily production. From simple grey sloped sills to tapered sills with upstands, end dams – or shoulders – we have been making windowsills and lintels for over 30 years and have produced architectural precast elements for buildings across North America.

From complete surrounds, including cast stone elements such as windowsills, lintels, arches, trim and keystones to full monolithic precast window surrounds complete with cast in weld-plates and window installation hardware, Sanderson Concrete has been producing window surrounds for decades.


Wood, Steel, and Rubber Forms

Our three in-house mould shops ensure our architectural and masonry clients exacting details in our formwork – and everything starts with formwork. From simple straight forms to intricate curves and end dams – our window sills are the first choice for masons who know that quality is an important reflection on the masons own work. Like a good trowel – good precast pays for itself.

  • Crisp, clean edges
  • Minimal bug holes
  • Computer batched concrete mixes
  • High strength mix designs
  • Consistent colours – from the first pour to the last
  • Tight packaging for no-damage shipping
  • Drip lines in all sills
  • Engineered shop drawings
  • Custom forms kept in stock for minimum 6 months after substantial completion
  • Fast turnaround from estimate to delivery
  • Sandblasting to match existing finishes

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