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Save Time and Money with a Precast Concrete Base Slab

All Sanderson Concrete site furnishings can be supplied with base slabs. On-site concrete forming can be messy and is not as cost-efficient as using a precast concrete base slab.

Picnic tables, benches and games tables should be placed on a concrete pad. Using a precast concrete pad that can be installed quickly can save significant time and money.

Cities, schools and institutions in the lower mainland have asked Sanderson Concrete for precast concrete base pads for our concrete site furnishings. Picnic tables and benches are typically set on concrete slabs or pavement that the client pours themselves – or a contractor pours – on-site with ready mixed concrete.

When tables are pre-assembled – site work by the client is significantly reduced

precast concrete picnic tables by the lake on precast base slabs


No On-Site Concrete Mixing with a precast concrete base.

prepare a gravel base for a precast slab

The basic steps for the site prepare the same – dig a hole and fill the base of the hole with gravel or 3/4″ crush material.

Here’s where cast-in-place concrete turns into a little more work, though.

Building a form and pouring concrete takes resources – money and labour that can be better used elsewhere.

For cast in place concrete slabs, a form must be built and concrete either needs to be mixed or a ready mix truck needs to be called for delivery. For mixed on-site concrete, bags of premixed concrete must be mixed – so a mixer and on-site power and water are required.

For ready mixed concrete, the truck takes care of the mixing – but minimum orders are required. If there are only one or two small pads, this can get expensive. We’ve asked our customers – contractors are not cheap either, so if the client does not have a concrete crew, this can be an expensive slab.

After the concrete is poured – whether made on-site or ready mixed – the slabs will often need to be watched until they cure to keep vandals at bay. Stripping the forms and clean up add to the time and expense.

Multiple Finishes and Colour Options

Broom finish and exposed aggregate are our most common finishes – but how about a wood grain finish in coloured concrete for a natural look!

Precast Concrete Base Slabs are made Off-Site and install in minutes

precast concrete base slab for bench

Using precast concrete base slabs for site furnishings is much less expensive and allows for quick placement and site clean-up.

Once the site is prepared – a hole dug and gravel placed and levelled – dropping a precast concrete base slab into place takes literally minutes. The premade slabs are stored at the plant until the site is ready.

Significant labour savings for pre-assembled tables and benches

Site furnishings – picnic tables, park benches and games tables such as ping pong tables and foosball tables can also be pre-assembled and mounted to the precast concrete slabs prior to delivery. This allows our clients to minimize site work – installation labour can be minimized, and sometimes eliminated entirely.

Many of our precast concrete site furnishings – pre assembled benches on cement base slabs ready for delivery to sitepicnic tables and benches – can be pre-assembled in the plant. This allows us to deliver our tables locally fully assembled. Some tables and benches with wood seat slats cannot be delivered assembled – however when mounted to base slabs, this difficulty can be overcome. The additional bracing achieved by bolting the concrete legs to the base slab, allows us to ship our Columbia Picnic table and Capilano park bench to most sites fully assembled, eliminating assembly crews on site

Even Hard To Get To Landscapes are not out of Reach

large precast concrete slab flying through the air

Every site is different – fortunately, Sanderson Concrete specializes in custom precast concrete. What size best suits the table or bench you are installing on your site? Email us today and we’ll quickly help you determine what size your base slab needs to be. We recommend a 4″ thick base slab for most tables and benches – but we can accommodate virtually and thickness needed.

Already have a size in mind? Send us your slab size and we’ll send you a quote for your finished slabs. Let us know how many slabs for the most accurate costing – however, we are set up for small quantities and special shapes. For more on some of our other precast paver and slab projects see our paver page here.

Want some help determining the best route to go for your site? email us today for a quote on your base slabs or to discuss your site. We can help!

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