Pre-Assembly of your Precast Concrete Site Furnishings - Sanderson Concrete

Let’s face it – precast concrete site furnishings such as picnic tables, park benches and ping pong tables are heavy.

Setting up a 1,700 pound precast concrete picnic table on site is not always something our clients are set up to take on themselves.

Fortunately, many of our most popular precast concrete site furnishings have been designed to be pre-assembled at the Sanderson Concrete plant so that we can deliver your tables fully assembled – and simply drop them into place.

On-site assembly crews are not required for assembly provided your site meets a couple of simple requirements.

As long as the delivery vehicle is able to reach the location of the pad your table of bench is going to be located, we can assemble many of our site furnishings for you prior to delivery.

precast concrete picnic tables assembled and ready for deliveryOur two most popular all concrete tables – the Columbia picnic table and the Belcarra picnic table – can be pre-assembled. Note that the Columbia picnic table with Cedar seats and top slats cannot be pre-assembled. Cedar slats are not able to withstand the forces put on the tables during transport and lifting.

Fortunately, the Columbia picnic table with cedar slats is a lot easier to assemble on site than some of our heavier tables.

Picnic tables and benches with wood seat slats, however, precast concrete base slab for benchcan be pre-assembled if they are bolted to one of our precast concrete base slabs.

Precast base slabs are available for almost all of our precast concrete site furnishings. Tables and benches do not require bolting to the slabs. The base slabs can be placed on the prepared site and our pre-assembled tables can then be placed on the base slabs with a small crane or forklift.

Have a Unique Site Furnishing Location? No Problem!

Schools and parks are not always situated where a small crane truck can reach the location where a table needs to be placed. In this case we have a number of simple solutions available to us – as well as one or two very large solutions!

Using a mobile piggy-backer forklift to install a pre-assembled ping pong table that needed to be placed at the back of a school and lifted over a curb, we were able to avoid driving a crane truck on the school’s newly installed grass.

Roof Top Deliveries of Precast Concrete Site Furnishings

Sanderson Concrete’s precast concrete site furnishings are engineered for safe delivery to even the most challenging locations. The foosball table and ping pong table needed to go to the roof top garden of Stratford Hall, a private school in Vancouver, BC.

Welded reinforcing cages, combined with properly engineered cast-in loop ferrules and galvanized or stainless steel brackets specifically designed for our picnic tables, benches and games tables ensure our tables can be lifted safely overhead.

Delivering a 3,000 pound pre-assembled precast concrete ping pong table to a roof top school garden in Vancouver can only be done if the table reinforcing and mounting hardware has been engineered to withstand any potential unforeseen forces. Safety first!

Contact us today for a quote or visit our site furnishings pages for more information on our picnic tables, benches, ping pong tables and other games tables.

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