Self-Watering Insert for Planters

Economical method of reducing maintenance cost!

Keep your plants healthy and beautiful with a self-watering planter insert. This add-on system is available in two square and two round sizes that fit most Sanderson planters (larger planters use two inserts connected to a single drain hole). The self-watering planter insert automatically provides plants with an optimal amount of water to maximize growth and yield. The self-watering inserts are manufactured with the Cities and Municipalities in mind; these inserts are one of a kind with its ability to distribute water while remaining hidden inside the planter—this a perfect way to manage plants in Cities and Municipalities and reducing the volume of maintenance costs.

Perfect way to manage plants in Cities and Municipalities!

How it Works

  • The self-watering planter insert A is installed directly on a layer of clean river rock B, then lined with landscape fabric C. This is covered on the top and all sides with four-way mix topsoil D.

  • Water is poured inside the filling tube E to supply the water reservoir.
  • Water then rises up the filter columns F (overlaid with landscape fabric – not visible here – to prevent soil from accessing the water reservoir), providing the primary source of water for the plants as they require it.

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