precast concrete public art salmon sculptures
Custom architectural precast concrete is where we shine – window surrounds, wall panels, arches, signage and public art. CUSTOM is our favourite word. We create the impossible for our clients!

We have had many creative customers over the years who have brought us new challenges.  We put our own creative minds to work to come up with a “Concrete Solution” to fill their needs.  We have done very small, very large and very complex pieces.  We are good at matching colours, contours and existing building elements.  Each new project brings new problems to solve – we are up for the challenge.

Sanderson Concrete is the leading producer of custom architectural precast in Western Canada, and we have noticed that the demand for customized precast increased exponentially. Our collaboration with leading engineers, architects, contractors, and designers has produced architectural pieces of superior level, detail and quality.


Cast Stone

Window Surrounds

Sanderson Concrete has produced architectural window surrounds for decades
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Lintels & Sills

Sill & Lintel

Largest manufacturer of precast concrete window sills & architectural trim.
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Simple to Intricate

Flat arches to detailed corners
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Historical Creations

Design & Engineering

Experience with complex shapes
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From curved sills to cast stones, our masonry contractor clients are assured of the highest standards when it comes to our formwork.

Site Furnishing


Precast Concrete Games Tables

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Benches & Seating

Size, Shape or Colour, it's your call!
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Public Spaces

Versatile & extremely durable

Finishes, styles or plaques
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Ping Pong Tables

Durable colour-fast playing surface

Designed for schools & parks. The ultimate outdoor games table.
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The demand for precast in the outdoor living space sector has increased exponentially. When manufacturing architectural pieces used as furniture, the importance of precise casting, produces a superior level of detail and finish quality.

Treads & Steps

Custom Shapes & Sizes

Precast Concrete Stair Treads

We are B.C's largest manufacturer of stair treads and steps.
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Stainless Nose Treads

Tactile Nosings for Treads & Steps

Ideal for Commercial and institutional stair installations.
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Large or Small Flights

Stair Flights

Economical structures for simple, quick installation.
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Stair Treads

See our standard precast concrete stair treads below
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Our fabrication mould shops and architectural capabilities allow for small custom details, and large production runs from exposed aggregate treads to custom colours and shapes.

Bollards & Security


Beautiful and Functional

Specializing in custom designs.
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Aesthetically pleasing

But not compromising security.
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Public Spaces

Custom Decorative

We welcome custom design inquiries.
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Security and traffic control

Engineered with specific force ratings where required.
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Controlling unwanted access to our buildings and public spaces has become a necessity in our modern world. But adding a custom design to bollards creates an aesthetically pleasing design.

Art & Signage

Public Spaces

Any size, shape and finish

We create the impossible!
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Custom precast signs for businesses, schools and parks

Painted letters,cast in lettering or 3D logos.
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Art Installations

Designers and artists know that concrete in its liquid state can flow in any direction and that with modern mould materials, concrete can be art!
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Permanent Signage

Inset letters or logos for permanent signs for schools & businesses.
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Concrete can be cast into various shapes and sizes, including signs for businesses, logos, and plaques cast into furniture, public art, and sculptures.

Oversized & Custom Pavers

Civil & Parks

High-end landscape and public spaces

Add a distinctive flair with consistent colours, strengths, and finishes.
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Large Slab & Paver

Architects and landscape clients increasingly turn to Sanderson Concrete.
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Architects & City Planners

Large precast pavers for public plazas at strengths of 40 MPa – 60 MPa
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Choose your Finish

Light or medium sandblast, broom finish and coloured concrete.
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Custom pavers can add a distinctive flair to high-end landscape and public spaces. Rather than using ordinary pavers and patio slabs, our architectural and landscape clients are increasingly turning precast concrete pavers with custom colours and finishes.