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Ping pong tables don't need to be bland. By personalizing your games table, you're making a statement for fun and friendly competition!

All our game tables are built to last for generations. Precast concrete games tables are durable and weatherproof!

Corporate & School Logos, Coats of Arms, Plaques and Custom Colours

As architectural and custom precast concrete specialists, our in-house fabrication teams can customize your precast concrete games tables in a number of ways, such as all-out custom games tables like these two we made for the City of Coquitlam’s newest park, BURKE MOUNTAIN PIONEER PARK.

Logos and signage options

Concrete is a liquid material, so logos can be cast into your ping pong table legs. Crests, logos and lettering can be cast into legs for schools, parks, business and government.

Detailed Modeling and Rubber Moulds for Custom Logos

Sanderson Concrete fabricates our rubber forms in-house. Logos are scanned, and CNC cut from foam, acrylic or MDF – depending on the detail required and finished to a smooth surface for rubber casting.
Rubber is poured over the 3D logo to create a reverse or negative rubber form that is glued into the concrete moulds for casting. Concrete is poured over the rubber impression and vibrated to ensure all logo voids are filled, and the final product is inspected for bugholes that may impact the appearance of the logo or image. Bugholes that are large enough to affect the final product are patched and sacked.
It is recommended that logos cast into concrete are sealed for the durability of the fine image.

Cast in logos and lettering requires logos to be rendered as black and white images. Here is an example of the process Sanderson Concrete undertook for the Township of Langley.

The Township of Langley logo has multiple colours and fine lines. The colours are opposites in the shield, which are simple to render in two colours; however, the small thin lines in the Dogwood flowers do not translate well into the concrete.

These Lines Can Create An Issue in Casting Your Logo

If the lines in the Dogwood flowers are indented into the concrete – they will turn out fine in the final rubber stamp. Lines like these can’t be rendered as protrusions as they will tend to chip easily, and the logo is more easily damaged. Concrete is a durable material when there is enough aggregate in the mix – very thin lines that protrude do not have space for the required aggregates.

Some complex logos or images can be rendered in full 3D. This can be accomplished with software – some direction from the customer is needed – but we are happy to help!

Sanderson Concrete also has a handheld 3D scanner, and we are able to scan 3D logos and create the proper files for the CNC router to create exact matches or scale models of your 3D logo or image. 3D artwork is a bit more complicated and time-consuming – and graphic fees apply. Please contact us for a quote with your logo and requirements. (a good rule of thumb is $350-$500 for a finished rubber logo mould)

Costs are typically only associated with the graphics work and the rubber mould production – additional tables do not have a cost for this as there is little additional labour required for casting forms with logos once the logo is produced.

We keep logo moulds for our city and government customers, so there are no additional charges for future cast in logos in our ping pong tables provided tables are ordered within two years of the original order.

Integral Pigment to last a lifetime. Custom Colours Available as well!

Our standard concrete ping pong tables include exposed aggregate or plain concrete legs. Playing surfaces are integrally pigmented green concrete with white concrete lines cast into the playing surface to a depth of ½”. Unlike painted concrete tables, Sanderson Concrete’s table tennis tables never have to be repainted – game lines are permanent.

Polished Precast Concrete Table Tennis Playing Surface with Permanent White Concrete Lines

Playing surfaces are polished to a terrazzo finish for a beautiful and long-lasting playing surface. Resealing your concrete ping pong tables every two to three years is recommended. But to keep the surface looking like new, the combination of our computer batched high strength concrete mix along with our polished surfaces, which removes the top layer of concrete paste. This means that resealing is not required for longevity – put merely: these tables are made for public parks and schools that need a durable table with little to no maintenance.

Sanderson Concrete uses Davis Colors – Davis Colors has been making quality concrete pigments for over 65 years. We trust Davis because our customers trust us to use the best. Additional charges apply to custom coloured tables.

Green Polished Concrete Tops

Standard table tops are green integrally pigmented concrete – we can make any of our tables with custom colours – see the Davis Color chart for options – for an additional $250 per table, with the exception of blue and white. We will waive this charge for orders of three or more tables.

Specialty Colours

Blue pigment is extremely expensive – please contact us for a quote on blue tabletops.
White concrete tables are made with white cement, white sand, and white stone. Games lines are cast white concrete. White concrete tabletops add approximately $1000.00 – please contact us for a quote on white concrete tabletops.

Two Concrete Ping Pong Table Models to Choose From

Archbishop Carney Concrete Table Tennis tables by Sanderson Concrete Surrey BCTWO PART TABLE TOP table – cast as a traditional two-part top table – can be pre-assembled at Sanderson Concrete’s plant for local delivery without requiring an on-site assembly crew. (Pre-assembled tables in the Greater Vancouver Area only) plus is available as a stock finish with exposed aggregate legs. Legs can be made in plain concrete and any of the Davis Color pigments or custom aggregates, including white, black, granite and tan. Additional charges apply to custom colours and aggregates..

Our MONOLITHIC TABLE TOP (one piece top) ping pong table is available as a standard finish of plain concrete legs. Legs can be made in exposed aggregate as well as any of the Davis Color pigments or custom aggregates, including white, black, granite and tan.

Logos and signage options

Concrete is a liquid material, so logos can be cast into your ping pong table legs. Crests, logos and lettering can be cast into legs for schools, parks, business and government.

Ping pong table nets are cut from ¼” steel plate

Nets can be customized with logos, lettering and custom colours.
Depending on the complexity, logos are cut with a laser or waterjet. Logos and lettering need to be rendered as black and white images prior to cutting as there are only two options for the steel in your net – it is either there or it is not!

Archbishop Senior Secondary in Coquitlam Needed Lettering and Logo in Their Net

Like the Township of Langley shield, the Archbishop Carney crest consisted of multiple colours and thin lines. In this case, however, the crest was a bit more complex. The images required a compromise as some of them required lines that could not be cut out without multiple tabs holding the thin parts together. Additionally, such thin lines presented a challenge for powder-coating – improper powder-coating could result in rusting in the future – and possible sharp areas where students could get injured if they played with the cut area of the net.
Our drafting department eliminated a number of lines to create a stylized version of the Archbishop Carney crest, which, when cut out of the ¼” steel plate, still looked enough like the school crest to satisfy the logo requirements, as well as the production, needs to supply a safe and durable table tennis net.

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