Magnum planter retaining wall

Did you know that planter retaining walls provide attractive plantable terraces?

Magnum planter retaining wall

Planter Retaining Walls

Planter retaining walls produce a large vertical and horizontal hollow core. The lightweight and large size units provide wall designers with the flexibility of imagining solutions without environmentally harmful side effects. The hollow core of the MagnumStone retaining blocks allows for a plantable retaining wall pouch within the retaining wall system. Utilizing filter fabrics to eliminate soil migration preserves the plants in their location.

Enhanced Green Space

Aesthetically pleasant plantable terraces maximize green areas, which lessens the “heat island” effect among concrete surfaces. MagnumStone™ works in harmony with the environment. Its unique internal drainage system and ease of combining both through wall and top of wall details make it the superior choice for environmentally friendly and sustainable wall solutions. The lightweight unit reduces the concrete and transportation carbon footprint costs for the end project providing the owners with valuable LEEDS credits.

Hollow Core Design

The retaining wall extenders also lessen the amount of concrete needed compared to solid competitive gravity walls. This unique hollow core design and the large spaces between extenders side by side also decrease production and transportation costs.

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