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Custom precast concrete water feature coping can be produced with skate board deterrent notches in any size, shape and colour. Sanderson Concrete has produced water fountain sections and coping for numerous projects around the lower mainland, including Tsawassen Mills and the YVR departure lounges.

Wood, Steel and Rubber Forms

Our three in-house mould shops ensure our architectural and landscape contracting clients exacting details in our formwork – and everything starts with formwork. From simple straight forms to intricate curves custom design elements and end dams – our precast concrete mould shops and production teams are capable of bringing your landscape designs to life.

  • 3D modeling
  • Crisp, clean edges
  • Computer batched concrete mixes
  • High strength mix designs
  • Tight packaging for no-damage shipping
  • Engineered shop drawings


Sanderson Concrete has produced many custom precast concrete water feature components. From full fountain sections to coping for public fountains, precast concrete is the perfect material for casting intricate details and small finished features of water based landscape elements. Weirs, bubblers, scuppers and coping can be cast in multiple finishes and colours with form finishes allowing architects and contractors design flexibility over cast in place or hand trowelled surfaces.


  • Piping for drains and water sources can be cast in
  • Fittings can be recessed or proud of concrete for access
  • Bubblers can be installed at plant
  • Lifting inserts and brackets for placing can be supplied
  • Fully plumbed elements can be stored until site is prepared

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