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Sanderson Concrete is the largest manufacturer of stair treads and steps on the West Coast. Custom precast concrete stair flights, cast as monolithic structures allow for simple, quick installation without formwork. Ordered in advance, flights can be manufactured and stored off-site until the project is ready for stair installation. Engineering and shop drawings can be provided – send us your architectural drawings for a quote.


Sanderson Concrete has been manufacturing monolithic precast concrete stair flights for over twenty five years. Unlike precast concrete stair treads, monolithic flights require anchoring only at the top and base of the precast. Stairs are cast off site and stored in our yard until the site is ready to accept delivery.


Smaller freestanding stair flights – 5 to 8 risers tall – can easily be produced. Our in-house form teams can fabricate forms and handle all and engineering requirements as well as cast in hardware or fittings for mounting railings or weld plates.
From small one-offs to production runs of flights for towers, Sanderson Concrete has been manufacturing stairs, flights and treads for decades. We understand site requirements – local engineering and architectural clients are welcome to submit drawings for quotation or consultation.

Tread surface finishes include:

  • Broom finish
  • Light or medium sandblast
  • Troweled in nosing
  • Cast in tactile warning strips
  • Sandblasted tactile warning strips
  • Carborundum nosings

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