A La Carte Shapes & Colours - Sanderson Concrete

At any given time, Sanderson Concrete’s plant in Surrey, BC is producing multiple colours and textures for projects across Canada and the United States. Some colours are simple – a little grey here, some tan there.


From fountains at Vancouver’s award winning international airport (YVR) to private residences, hospices and embassies, coloured concrete is what we have built our reputation on.

Textures and finishes, added to coloured concrete – what a combo!

Custom rubber forms and polished terrazzo finishes can add dimension and texture – concrete is not boring!

precast concrete colour selectionsSanderson Concrete uses Davis pigments

Our state of the art batch plant uses computer batch recipes for all of our precast concrete mix designs.

When a project requires consistent precast concrete from the start of a project on phase one to subsequent phases many years later, you can be assured that your concrete mix designs are stored on our servers and can be duplicated through your multi-phased project.

Robson Square Law Courts 9 phases – 2006 to 2020

Since 2006, Sanderson Concrete has produced thousands of custom precast concrete pavers for the Robson Square Law Court revitalization projects. Starting with the first paver sample in 2006, personally approved by the original architect, Arthur Erickson, the mix consists of pink Oyama shale, Sechelt sand, two types of cement and two pigments – one of which was recreated by Davis Colors because the original manufacturer had closed.

Vancouver International Airport Bollards and Seating Stones

The architects and Airport Authority were looking to create precast concrete bollards and seating that referenced local materials such as basalt and the Sechelt stone cladding on parts of Vancouver’s YVR buildings.

Starting with black pigments and crushed Sechelt aggregates, we presented 6 samples initially for colour ranges. After deciding on the correct shades, the samples were then polished to three separate depths. The three bollards and two seats were then produced as full-size mock-ups with the final polish and colour.

The final result was achieved by hand polishing the stones and bollards and applying a custom-blended matte sealer to bring out the colours while avoiding a gloss or sheen to the finished product.

Unique Public Spaces with Unique Features

Concrete starts as a liquid – using high strength concrete mix designs, precast concrete elements are designed to be a permanent and attractive part of public plazas and shopping centres.  The shopping center custom light also designed by Langchu to match the concrete starts.

Anything is Possible! From a clay model concept to 12 foot salmon

Starting with the concept – a quick clay model on the architectural drawings. The artist intended to create full-scale models for us to make forms from so the sculptures could then be cast in concrete.

Instead, we suggested 2′-0 scale models. We then laser scanned the models, digitally increased the file to full size and CNC cut 12-foot models. The foam was finished by the artist, 28 coats of rubber were sprayed onto the models and a fibreglass mother support form was created.

A slight charcoal tint was added to the high strength concrete mix and two 12 foot salmon, a tail and a head were produced with footings to be recessed under the paving stone plaza.

Historical Recreations – Sinclair Building Facades

The original limestone was cut from the building and brought to Sanderson Concrete’s mould shops. The limestone pieces were cleaned and the damaged portions were rebuilt and patched. Rubber moulds were made from the original hand-carved stone. The recreations were then reinstalled by the masonry contractor.

Custom and Architectural Precast Concrete Experts

From custom colour matching to historical restorations, Sanderson Concrete has been helping architects, contractors and building owners finish projects on time, on budget and with confidence in their precast concrete supplier for over 30 years.

Colour Matching You Can Count on Forever

Matching concrete to historical colours can be challenging, but Sanderson Concrete has the experience you need. Some colours can be matched immediately – historical mix designs are often available. If the mix design’s pigments are no longer available, our supplier, Davis Colors, has a pigment library second to none.

If a mix design is not available, rest assured that colours can still be matched provided the aggregates are still available. Some small variations can always be expected – however, through the sampling process, you can be assured of achieving the colour you need.

Once a colour has been chosen, your mix design is computer batched – delivery after delivery, year after year the colour will be the same. It is important to note that concrete does age and the colours do change over time – brand new precast concrete will have subtle shade differences from the original concrete – this will blend over time as the newer concrete ages and the two come closer in colour to each other. The lighter a concrete is, the sooner it will come to match the original – darker colours will take up to a year.

The cement has some bearing on colour – your original concrete supplier may have used a different cement supplier. Sanderson Concrete is able to blend our cement and add pigments to match our precast concrete with that of other suppliers who may have used a different cement. Sanderson Concrete uses Lehigh Cement – one of the lighter cements available.

For further information or to download the Davis Color Chart click on the link!