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Thin precast concrete fire table tops can be cast in custom sizes and shapes. Using fibre reinforced concrete, we can make large thin slabs that withstand heat – no rebar required! Sanderson Concrete specializes in custom and architectural precast concrete for institutions, restaurants and back yards. Our fire table tops can be seen all over the lower mainland.

Things to Consider With Concrete Fire Table Tops

  • Direct heat will crack fire table tops
  • Constant heating and cooling may damage table tops
  • Care must be taken in design stage – to minimize direct contact with extreme heat
  • Wood burning tables are NOT recommended
  • Concrete table tops will patina with age
  • Natural tones and staining is to be expected
  • Custom sealers can minimize staining – but will require resealing
  • Resealing will depend on use – acrylics are not recommended
  • Cleaning frequency and type of cleaners used may shorten sealer life span
  • Sanderson Concrete has had success with two part epoxy sealers in restaurant applications and can recommend appropriate sealers for your new fire table top


Custom precast concrete Fire Table Tops for outdoor living and restaurant tables can be fabricated using high fibre coloured concrete mixes. With no steel reinforcing required, ultra-thin counters can be produced in large sections.


  • Restaurant quality
  • Low maintenance fire table surfaces
  • Pizza oven mantles and hearths
  • Engineered mix designs to accept higher temperatures than traditional concrete

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