COVID-19 Statement from our President - Sanderson Concrete


The COVID-19 virus pandemic is an unprecedented situation in our lifetime. As events unfold at incredible speeds, our staff are having to react to their own personal situations daily. I have spoken to each of my employees individually and promised to support them fully in their decisions to stay home or remain at work.

Remaining at work will only be done safely. Prior to any situation that could put any of our employees at risk, we will stop, reassess and determine if this activity should continue. This includes daily production of precast concrete. After all – it’s only concrete.

As of today, Saturday, March 21, 2020, the following applies to Sanderson Concrete. We will date any updates as this changes.

  • Our production facilities continue to operate on a limited basis. At this time our focus will be on work in progress rather than inventory of standard products – many of which are in stock, however, packaging timelines are beginning to lengthen.
  • OUR OFFICES ARE CLOSED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT. Our facility does not have a showroom – we are unable to show you our product offerings in person at this time. Our products are listed on our website – please email or call us for pricing and product information.
  • For our construction clients, please call us ( 604-580-4108 ) or email us ( ) for updates. Please be patient – things are changing daily.
  • DRIVERS ARE ASKED TO PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE AT 604-580-4108 WHEN THEY ARRIVE. We have put protocols in place in order to minimize contact while assuring you are loaded/unloaded and provided with proper paperwork.
  • Our staff are diligently adhering to best practices – social distancing, careful hygiene, wearing gloves and protective gear as required and frequent hand washing.

All office staff are are working and are available, whether from home or the office.

With our reduced production, Management will be reaching our to each customer individually with updates on their orders. If your order or jobsite has been affected, please reach out to us so that we are able to allocate our resources accordingly. This situation is fluid and we are doing our best to accomodate.

Jan Arntorp, President 23 March, 2020