precast concrete garden bench Vancouver, BC

Precast concrete benches are versatile and extremely durable, suitable for schools, parks, and commercial locations.  Options include different finishes, different styles, as well as memorial plaques cast in.

Seating with planters for plazas, malls and other landscapes designed to be modular or as a simple straight bench

The bench is 9′ long overall with SL24 planters on each end with a seat between them.

*Requires assembly


  • Width 9’
  • Height 18” seat
  • Weight 1350 lb. – 615 kg


  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Powder coated steel brackets


  • Smooth, light sandblast, coloured or exposed aggregate planters
  • Smooth, light sandblast, coloured or polished seats
  • Exposed aggregate seat edges


  • Western Red Cedar slats – sealed
  • Custom coloured concrete and aggregates
  • Powder Coated Steel bench seat
  • Custom lengths, angles and 90 degree corners