Large precast concrete planters are often used to direct pedestrian traffic and protect storefronts from vehicles while offering an aesthetically pleasing barricade. Precast concrete planters can create a raised flowerbed with enough room for larger root balls and allow small trees and shrubs to be planted in a small space without requiring sidewalks or driveways to be cut out.  All our planters are manufactured with drainage holes; they can also be customized to your specific irrigation needs.  Usually delivered with a hiab or larger crane truck, the planters can be set in place ready for site crews to line, fill and plant.

Shown below are our standard precast concrete commercial planters. We also make a line of residential planters for homeowners, durable and beautiful.

If you have something special in mind, Sanderson Concrete specializes in custom precast concrete and we welcome your custom sizes and designs.

Custom colours, special irrigation holes, logos, how can we help you with your next landscape project?


  • 96” x 24” x 24”


  • 3″
  • Commercial and Security Rectangular Precast Concrete Planters