Find Your Perfect Precast: Colours & Shapes - Sanderson Concrete

At Sanderson Concrete, we’re passionate about turning concrete into works of art. From vibrant colours to intricate textures, we specialize in crafting custom precast concrete solutions that elevate projects across Canada and the United States. 

Discover Our Expertise: 

Colourful Creations: Explore our gallery showcasing a diverse range of concrete colours and textures. From subtle greys to rich earth tones, our creations add vibrancy and character to any space. Explore our vibrant concrete colours and textures. Download our colour chart for more options.

Texture and Dimension: Experience the beauty of our textures and finishes combined with coloured concrete. Our custom rubber forms and polished terrazzo finishes create visually striking surfaces that defy convention.

Precision in Production: Learn about our state-of-the-art batch plant, ensuring consistency and quality in every mix. Whether it’s a single-phase project or a multi-phased endeavour, our commitment to precision remains unwavering. 

Project Highlights

Robson Square Law Courts: Delve into our contribution to the nine-phase revitalization project spanning from 2006 to 2020. Witness our meticulous attention to detail in replicating the original architect’s vision.  

Vancouver International Airport: Explore our collaboration with architects and Airport Authority to create custom precast bollards and seating stones, meticulously crafted to reflect local materials and architectural elements. 

Unique Public Spaces: See how our high-strength concrete designs have transformed public plazas and shopping canters into vibrant, durable environments, complete with custom lighting solutions. 

From Concept to Creation: Witness the journey from clay model concept to towering 12-foot salmon sculptures. Experience our innovative approach to scale and precision in concrete casting. 


Historical Restorations: Learn about our expertise in recreating historical facades, preserving the integrity of original designs while enhancing durability and longevity through precast concrete.



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